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Card Features

FuelCard offers the following features:

  • High definition images on cards with the option of co-branding available
  • Customisable card descriptions for reporting purposes, fixed once the card has been manufactured
  • SMS & Email alerting based on limits (set by default to 75% of credit limit)
  • PIN protection - 4 digit to maintain compatibility with transponder equipment
  • Odometer recording/reporting
  • Product group restriction - limit customers/cards to specific products
  • Time restrictions - restrict the card to be used within certain times
  • Litre/Dollar daily limits - limit the card to a litre, dollar or combined allowance per day
  • CPL Range limiting - the sale amount has to be within a certain CPL range
  • Spatial Analysis - card transactions are blocked if the card is attempted to be used over unreasonable distances in short time spans
  • Transaction export data can be made available in any format required (i.e. via a web service or email/FTP)